Founded in 1882, oldest culinary school in Japan

Akabori Culinary Academy

Since the establishment of Japan's first cooking school, "Akabori Kappo Kyokojo" in 1882, we have continued to make changes to keep up with the times while continuing to carry on our 140-year history and achievements.

Program Information

Food Coordinator Class

Accredited by the Japan Food Coordinators Association since 1991

Upon completion of the course and graduation, you will receive a "Level 3 Certification"!

It was the fifth generation principal, Chiemi Akabori, who established the position of food coordinator. In this six-month, once-a-week, classroom and practical class, students learn the fundamentals of food, which is essential for life.

cooking specialist

In a functional kitchen studio with a homey atmosphere, students can learn the basics of various seasonal recipes including Japanese, Western, Chinese, desserts, and breads.

Children's Cooking Class

Since 1976, we have been working on the theme of "Children and Cooking". The target audience is from young kindergarteners to elementary and junior high school students.

Men's Cooking Class

It started as a part of lifelong learning in Bunkyo-ku, the school's hometown. People of all ages, from teens to late 70s, enjoy participating in the program.

Japanese cooking class for visitors

English Website

special class

Workshops with top chefs and English classes for children are also available.

Here are some of the special workshops held at the Akabori Culinary Academy.

~Akabori Ryoke Gakuen in Photographs~.



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