special class

In addition to regular classes, Akabori Culinary Academy offers special workshops each season.

Let's cook in English

Children's Cooking Class Special Class. Fun cooking while learning English! Children who don't understand English can also work with ease as we carefully instruct in a mixture of Japanese and English. The most important thing in English education is to learn English naturally while having fun. By learning while cooking, you can improve both "cooking" and "English" skills.

A first-rate Japanese chef will serve pike conger dishes right in front of your eyes.

A first-rate Japanese chef will prepare and serve "Hamo (Japanese conger eel)," a summer delicacy, right in front of your eyes.

The instructor was Yuji Tateno, the foremost disciple of Dojo Rokuzaburo, a master of the Japanese Cuisine Association. He taught us how to handle hamo (Japanese conger eel), which is said to be one of the most difficult fish to handle, and also gave us some trivia about the dish.

What is wagashi?

Children's Cooking Class Summer Special Class. The children learned about the roots of "wagashi," one of Japan's traditional cultures that we should be proud to share with the world. They also had a chance to actually cook anko (sweet bean paste), an essential ingredient in making wagashi.


東京・曙橋にて「煮ばなおでん、おばんざい 福の川いしだ」にて、店主を務めている石田英樹さんを講師としてお呼びした冬のスペシャルワークショップ。石田さんは、当学園「フードコーディネータークラス」のご卒業生でもあります。毛ガニの捌き方や、出汁の引き方、魚節の食べ比べなど貴重な体験を提供させていただきました!

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